Its always an interesting experience if you are locked up in jail or even if a friend is. Whether you need a Palmdale bail bondsman or just general information, we can help. We have a local Palmdale bondsmen standing by 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Most of our customers are not familiar with the bail bond process. Our bail bonds agents are able to explain the entire process in laymens terms. Our agents have been bailing people out of the Palmdale Jail for many years. Feel free to give us a call us locally at (661) 225-9400 and we are happy to discuss your Palmdale bail bonds options.

All bondsmen are required to charge the same rate as stated by the California Department of Insurance. The rate, also called the bail bonds premium, is 10 percent of the total bail bonds cost. If you bail is $40,000, the rate or bail bonds premium is $4,000. In reality the customer is actually looking for a bail bonds company since the rates for the bail bonds are all the same. Because of this, it comes down to the customer being comfortable and confident with their bail bonds company. We look forward to answering all your questions and concerns.

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Palmdale Bail Bonds Information and Jail Information

Anyone arrested in Palmdale, CA are brought to the Palmdale jail for booking. After they are booked, they have several options for release. These include; 1) Release defendant on own recognizance; 2) Cite-out of the defendant; 3) Release defendant with no charges filed; and 4) Posting of a bail bond.

It can take up to 6 hours for an inmate to get fully booked and processed into the Palmdale jail. Why does it take so long? The officers have to process the defendant through databases within the state and also nationally. The complete backround check can also be delayed by a lot of traffic at these very databases. So, if its a busy night of arrests, it could take up to 6 hours just to get the defendant booked in to the jail.

Then, after being processed, the bail bonds agents posts the bond and now they need to get processed out. This could take an additional two hours. The point of this information is to understand that the bail bonds agents can be very quick in posting their bonds, but it is always up to the officers and their expediancy on when the defendant will actually walk out of the jail.



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